Dory's Story

“In January of 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. Being diagnosed at such a young age was a very scary and isolating experience to say the least. Not long after, I discovered Pink Pearl and its offered retreats. I had to sign up. The overnight retreat gave me an opportunity to share stories and experiences with women who were going through something similar. It was such a great feeling to open up and chat with other young women—people who just ‘get it’. I created friendships that I know will last longer than my cancer journey. The retreat programming was amazing. It’s a great mix of activities. For me, by far, the best part was meeting other young women battling cancer, listening to their stories, and feeling comfortable enough to share my story. I will definitely be returning to the Pink Pearl retreats and I look forward to the next one on November 25th!” – Dory Kashin, Program Participant

Photo Credit: The Girl Friends Project and