1. Hello,

    I am emailing with 2 questions about the scholarship application.
    1. The scholarship seems geared towards people entering their first years of study after high school but are you also eligible if you are in graduate studies? I am currently completing my PhD and still have academic costs with being enrolled in my program and meet all the other eligibility criteria so wanted to check.
    2. The application asks for your social media handles so that you can be shared on the page if you are to win. Is this absolutely required? I have not made a public disclosure on social media about having cancer/being a survivor and I feel pretty uncomfortable that receiving a scholarship would force me to very publicly disclose that to that many people. I understand that you want to promote the program and highlight where the money goes, but I just feel like it’s a lot to ask of someone who is trying to return to school and financially struggling when a public disclosure could put me at further financial risk (e.g., people that I go to school with, work with, or I teach can have access to that information).

    Thank you


  2. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 when I had just turned 40. I decided to do some university courses this year, iam wondering if this scholarship is still available to me?


  3. I am wondering if you have scholarships available for youth of survivors who face
    financial hardship.

    Thank you.

  4. Are your scholarships available for international post secondary students currently being treated for cancer?

  5. Hey, I was wondering how can I apply for your scholarship for cancer patients? I’m a cancer survivor and my doctor told me I could apply for your scholarship but how do I?

  6. My daughter is just completing breast cancer treatment, dx Aug ‘23, she’s a survivor! She’s 25 yrs old and has applied to the college to take the Certified Dental Assistant program. Is she eligible for this scholarship? And, how does she make application?
    Thank you

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