Kylie's Story

“I am a breast cancer survivor. But even more importantly, I am a loving mother of 3 beautiful girls and a wife to a man who has been my rock and loved me to the end of the earth & back and held my hand through countless ups and downs on this journey of life. I am a part of Pink Pearl because it is a place where I can connect and talk to other women who have faced a similar battle in their lives. We get to share all of our hopes, dreams for the future & greatest fears and support one other. There’s a sense of peace in knowing that you are not alone. My children inspire me every day. To be strong for them, and to be the best mom I can possibly be. I will never stop fighting. Even though I’m through the other side of this thing, I’ll always fight to be better, healthier and stronger than ever. I will love deeply & laugh lots. I will feel the rain and look around and notice all of the amazing things in this world that surround me. I will try very hard not to take things for granted. These are some of things I have promised myself.” – Kylie, Program Participant