Ashley O

In 2019, Ashley was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour at Grade 3 Astrocytoma, after having already had a craniotomy in 2018 to remove it the first time. Since then, she’s been through chemo and radiation and have been stable for over 1 year! She LOVES music and will always see me humming or singing a tune that is stuck in my head! She’s the oldest of 8 children in her mixed family, so it’s no surprise that she’s very chatty and extroverted! Not only does she love music, but she’s pretty crafty, sings (good or bad, does it really matter?), talks A LOT and spends time cuddling her dog Bowie! Ashley is always available to lend a helping hand and a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

By Joining Pink Pearl as an ambassador, she will help to show that no one is alone. Even if there are things that may be different from each experience with women, it can be a breath of fresh air and that feeling of relief to find a new family, just as she did.

– Ashley Oke, Program Participant & Ambassador